Audio de-embedders get 2-ch hi-rez PCM to a DAC?

i heard the stereo out of Oppo 103 and 105 is a) through its own dac which probably is not as good as ours nor voiced to our liking ....and b) the signal going to the 2ch rca outputs or xlr are dumbed down .... and NOT anywhere near the hi-rez PCM found in the blu-ray discs' Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio...available only via the HDMI outputs.

I don't want to get an "AV receiver" after having put effort into my excellent 2-ch dac rig.

I heard some people use an AUDIO DE-EMBEDDER" to get the hi-rez 2-ch PCM to their dac. Know anything about that?? Please advise in not-too-techy speak - I'm scientific - but medical. ( want to know what your spleen does?)