audio contol amps ?

Just read a review of the audio control amp on widesreen review, the review was impressive, but I take reviews with a grain of thought, looking for opinions on this amp before I buy, thanks
They are not for an audiophile. They work. And function OK in a home theater setting. i would never consider one for anything. Does that insult them enough?
The company makes cheap stuff for the lower mass market. If you want a cheap amp that probably works, buy one. If you want to feel free to tell any audiophile types what you own for an amp. Do not buy one.
If you want a bettter cheap amp, buy a pair of Behringer a500's dirt cheap $200 ea approx, and better than the Audio Control.
Is this clear enough?
(And if the OP didn't want an answer from an audiophile type, why ask here? apologetics for those about to pounce on me)
They make good car audio gear . But are easily bested in home audio .
Maybe they have car audio stuff in them that will make your house boom. LOL.