Audio Connection Question

Just wondering what you all thought was the best way to connect a dvd player to a receiver audio-ly speaking.

Please rank and tell why (first being best option).

Digital Coax
Digital Optical
5 RCA jacks typically used

Which is best and why... thanks!
1) Digital Coax (more bandwidth)
2) Digital Optical prevents ground loop humms from your cable system but has limited bandwidth
3)RCA's can't pass DTS/Dolby Digital, and your receiver is probably better at decoding than your DVD player (cheap DAC(s))
Agree with the above except at one point my 5 channel outs had better DACS than my reciever. I have since upgraded, but take a look at which has the better DAC ... If for example your DVD has 24/196hz DACs and your reciever has 24/96...then the 5 channel out may be the way to go. My previous DVD a Technics DVDA-10 could pass DD and DTS through the 5 channel outs.