Audio Clubs - Charlotte, NC, Lake Norman Area, Mooresville, NC

Are there any active audio clues in the Charlotte NC area?


Are there any active audio clues in the Charlotte NC area?

No clue here sorry
I found one last year but before they got an event scheduled for 2020 Covid hit so no idea if its still active or not. There has to be more than three audiophiles in this area
In COVID times, the closest thing you're gonna get is a visit to Ron at Liquid HiFi.  He's good people.
@cymbop Second Ron at Liquid. I've pick up a few items from him

Thanks for the Ron at Liquid referral.  Ya with the COVID thing I'm not sure how excited I am at getting together.   Just moved to the area and thought I'd at least make an attempt to establish a few contacts.  Thanks again guys.  
I live in Mooresville by the lake. Would love to have some folks around who enjoy great music and have invested in a nice system.
I too live by the Lake in Mooresville.  
I’m out here in Indian Trail.. We used to have CAS, Carolina Audio Society. That was a good sized group back 15 years ago..  it kind of disbanded but many stay in touch.. 
I enjoy talking and having others over for a listen.. Even during these crazy times.. just a matter of being careful , but can still enjoy life... I think CAS still is around, but it’s not hosted by the same..  
Carolina Audio Society CAS, is still in existence but dormant due to Covid. It's run by Paul Wilson, pwilson at

Hopefully we can start getting together soon for some music and audio chat. I hosted one event so far and will be happy to do so again. I am in south/west Charlotte on Lake Wylie. Until more widespread vaccination we are limited for now. I am open to one or maybe two people over at one time.

Let us know if CAS comes back.

I was wondering if there are any Audio groups on just interest in audio in the Lake Norman / Charlotte area.