Audio Club in or around Charleston, SC

Does anyone know of an audio club in or around Charleston, SC ? If not, would anyone be interested in starting one ?
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I’m from CT but have a place on isle of palms- 
i was just down there and searching the web, Craigslist , audiogon etc I couldn’t find any like minded souls or gear for sale. Couldn’t even locate a good hifi shop- 
But I did catch Edwin McCain at Charleston music hall which was cool-
Sorry I missed your post - do have any stereo gear in IOP - I'm close by in Mt P.
Hi fdavis420. Did you get a Charleston group going? I can’t seem to find any decent audio shops arround. 
No shops around here, and imagine my shock when I saw this thread. I'm apt to believe you all are figments of my imagination!
There’s a place called audio sound solutions that I just found - can’t remember where exactly but about 10 min south of downtown Charleston- All vintage stuff - some good, some not so good. That’s the ONLY place I could find beyond Magnolia/Best Buy