Audio cables or Audio gear from N Z or Australia

Any companies making (((state of the art)))) Audio gear or audio cables that we should know about.

Supratek pre-amps and amps
the 'art' they've got down...the 'state' is queationable. the 'inerds' of most of smaller companies stuff is comical. kind of the audio equivilent of that quirky nz film 'goodbye porkpie.'
PSC Audio for cables. They specialise in silver based ribbons. Speaker and interconnects

Check out
So Jaybo enlighten us with your vast knowledge of New Zealand and Australian audio gear what companies you are alluding to. Make sure to include each specific component and the system in which it was heard. This should be good.
>>smaller companies stuff is comical. kind of the audio equivilent of that quirky<<

Quirky companies such as Plinius and Supratek for example?
Just curious.
Slinkylinks cables, great value, Perreaux & Plinius amplification, Osborn speakers.

Lotta of this kit around the world, I don't think most of the owners find it very "comical".
Comical is right. My Supratek Grange is so good I can't stop laughing when it totally destroys every other preamplifier heard alongside of it. Honestly it is so hilarious and such a real knee slapper!!
Jaybo, we're all waiting for your wisdom and guidance here. Don't talk trash without backing it up.
well, of the brands mentioned, there are none that sound bad, or look like they are built by the guy who flys the plane in those 'mad max' movies, but assuming 'state-of-the-art' is just that, my 'quirky' comment stands. and yes, the insides of some do qualify as comical. i would howeverjaybo consider the osborn or duntech loudspeaker lines as state-of-the-art.
Jaybo????????? We can't hear you. Come out from hiding.
Isn't Halcro Australian?
>>and yes, the insides of some do qualify as comical<<

No more comical than some of the stuff coming out of China and even here in the good old USA. Your keyboard is writing checks your brain can't cash.
Metaxas Audio Systems