Audio cables for older McIntosh equipment?

I am hooking up some older McIntosh equipment:
(2) MCD2505 Amps
(1) C28 Pre-Amp
(1) MR71 Tuner
(1) MCD7007 CD Player
I have Joseph Audio RM 25 speakers.
Wondering what everyone thougt would be a good choice of cables for this set-up. I am bi-amping and need to run about 200 feet of speaker cable with the 4 runs. I am not sooking to spend a fortune either. More interested in what audio cables to try out.

I use to use two 2105's (and C28) driving double Cello Amati's. I changed to one Krell KST-100 (and Krell KSL). It blew away the Mc's!

I have since moved up the ladder with Krell.

LAT International works great for me with all my McIntosh equipment.
Wait, you want 200 FEET of cable, and you don't want to spend a fortune? Looks like you will be using Rat Shack wire, not that there is anything wrong with that per se, but your length is going to seriously reduce the number of choices available to you. I doubt most high-end cable companies will stock 50' runs, and you will not be able to sell them on the used market. Have you considered going with longer interconnects and putting the amps closer to the speakers? You *might* find 50' interconnects once in awhile...
The back of your 2505's won't allow for a very big spade to fit in the barrier strip. My suggestion would be to use the 12 gauge wire from Radio Shack and get their pin connectors to crimp on the amp end of the wire.
To Drrdiamond: Did you read Brians post? He wants to know about some wire and you respond with how your circa late 1980's Krell blows away late 1960's Mac. Now there's a fair fight.
I started to look out for cables for my McIntosh's (C200 preamp, now MC402 power amp)last year. I took the advice of ljgj to try LAT International - and I am glad I did so. I finally recabled my whole system with LAT: their IC-20 digital cable, their IC-200 interconnect, and their SS-1000 speaker cable. Each of these cables is a bargain and betters much more expensive cables. Together with audiophile friends, I compared the IC-200 (250 $), for example, to a Transparent-interconnect (forget which one it was) that cost more than 800 $. The LAT won. I just tried Nordost Red Dawn-interconnects which sell for 400 $ a meter. Again, we handed it to the LAT. Only thing is, burn-in time takes long, at least one week of permanent burn-in. However, LAT offers a 45-day-trial period with money-back guarantee, go to their website
van den hul clearwater..its thin,it fits, and it sounds superb(neutral)..oh yeah..its not expensive
Beleave it or not, I first had the old Mac gear with a Classe CA 300 amp. I loved the way it preformed. I then pulled out the Classe and added in the 2 old Mac's. My first reaction was, holy s#$t, this sounds sloppy. After leaving it hooked up for a while I really started to enjoy the sound. The best way to describe it was very tube like. After a week of listening, I have decided to keep it for a while. I am really starting to LOVE it, can't explain why. I can listen for hours on end, no fatigue at all. Oh well, maybe if I put back the Classe I would change back to it. For now though, the Mac's are staying.