Audio cabinet or rack for Audio Research Ref 150

I'm looking for a reasonably priced, enclosed but well ventilated audio cabinet or rack that at least has enclosed sides that will allow for placement of my deep AR Ref 150 amp. It is 19.5 inches deep and with cords plugged in, I would need 25-26 inches. Salamander cabinets are not deep enough even with the rear accessory extension. Any suggestions?
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I would not use enclosed cabinet for tube amp.
Buy a good stand enclosed cabinet is a bad idea.
I agree with the above two statements.
Go with some type of an open rack, and allow a good bit of "above space" for ventilation from all directions.
As far as I know an enclosed cabinet will not allow enough ventilation for a tube amp.
jonandfamily - why are you considering an enclosed cabinet? 
We recently moved to a smaller house and now I do not have a dedicated room for my 2 channel audio. My wife loves to listen with me, but she does not like the "cluttered" look. I am trying to compromise some and make it look neater.

I would not place this type of amp in a cabinet.
Use a floor stand or plain floor of listening space.
Get an attractive Japanese Shoji screen and put it in front of the equipment when not in use. Here's some pics:
Excellent idea oregonpapa. The folding floor screen is the answer.