Audio By Van Alstine Amps/Preamps

Anyone owns or are familiar with these products, the power amps especially, and how it compares with Belles, McCormack,etc? They seem to perform well at the RMAS.
I had an earlier version of the 550 hybrid. Had it for about a year and paired it with a Placette pre and can highly recommend it. (probably a little bit less refined than I suspect the Pathos to be, but an excellent budget choice for a hybrid). Needs a NOS tube swap (Telefunken or Bugle Boy) but a bargain on the used market. check out audiocircle, there is a following there.
I have an older Super PAS 3si preamp which replaced a CJ PV5, and Audio Research LS9 preamp. It came with NOS Phillips 12AX7's and I have tried several others since and
it holds it's own. It does not have the last word in transparency but the latest versions with a different tube are said to be pretty good and much more transparent. I have been trying to buy one of the power amps for a while but they have all been out of my reach when they pop up. I have couple friends that have one of his amps and they say it's one of the best they have heard. Regardless his enginering is solid and execution is top notch. He doesn't skimp on power supply quality like some companies who would charge you 4 or 5 times the money and the power supply is substandard in comparison to many other offerings.
I also have an older Super Pas4i preamp that will never leave my system. I pretty much agree with Recordho as far as transparency but, when it comes to imaging, realism, layering and, 3D'ism (If such a word exist's), it clearly keeps up with the big boys. By the way I have tried many 12AX7's in this unit and, prefer early to mid 50's RCA,GE, and Telefunkens. Lastly... the excellent MM phono input and, tape in/outs for my vintage Nakamichi deck was the closer for me.
Great products with outstanding sound. Frank just intro'd a new amp at the RMAF for about 1700, which is a bargin. Check it out.