Audio Arts speaker cable vs Morrow audio cable

It would be nice to buy reasonable speaker cable for a change. I have seen member recommendations for Audio Arts speaker cables and Morrow Audio. I have changed the layout of my system and so cannot use the Acoustic Zen Hologram II cable which is very good. I would like to buy speaker cables that will match and possibly exceed the performance of the AZ Hologram II. I have a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios speakers, Bel Canto pre-amp and a pair of class D digital mono blocks. Need feed back from members who have owned one or both. Thank you
I replaced a 2.5m pair of Acoustic Zen Hologram II with a pair of Morrow Audio SP6 and I would highly recommend that you make the switch. The Morrow SP4 or higher will IMO be a suprising upgrade. The Morrow is also position friendly and is much more manageable than the garden hose AZ. This combo should mate well with your current equipment. Read the reviews of the Morrow cable on Mike's website. Good luck in your upgrade!
Interesting that you post this at this time. I just ordered 2 pair of SP1s to shotgun from Class D Wyred SX-500 monoblocks to VSA VR-4JRs. Total cost $200. I will let you know how they turn out. They will replace Speltz anti-cables. I am of the camp that simpler is better.
Tom6897 how would you compare and contrast the Morrow cable to the Acoustic Zen? I have been thinking about making a speaker cable change and I have the AZ satori. Thanks

I switched from all AZ including Satori Shotgun speaker wire to Morrow a cpl of years ago. For me the improvement was substantial.