Audio Artistry owners in the San Fran Bay Area

Are you guys actually outhere? I would like to know what you are using (equip). Thanks
Well, Audio Artistry designer Siegfried Linkwitz himself lives in the Bay area. You can contact him through his website,
dvorak main panels/beethoven subs/updated crossover
CJ primer 12 monblocks/CJ primer 16 LS preamp
subs- bryston 7B ST monoblocks
linn LP 12 with upgrades CJ EF 1 phonostage/AQ lapis X3 ic audioquest argent speaker wire
AQ emerald ic's to CJ monos
22' speaker separation, with excellent center image
though not in the bay area felt compelled to post my friends AA system.
vivaldi speakers with older dvorak subs and ohter electronics as a secondary system.