Audio Artistry Dvorak.Any users?

Im planning to wrigth a test (altough I have som problems with my english-living in Europe) I consider the Dvorak on of the best speakers of all time. If you partner it with good amps,CDP and cables /Ayre,Muse CDP,Silversmith cables/ it gives you better sound that the Popular BW 801,JMmezzo utopia and Magenpan 3,6 in my opiniom.It even bets the Amatis!! It would nice to hear other owners comments and what equipment they use!
I am using this speaker. I do not advise using it with tubes. I've used it with ARC VT100 for the last 3 years with mixed results. Tonight, I'm using borrowed BEL MK-V monoblocks and the sound is STUNNING! This is the true meaning of synergy! This speaker LOVES (powerful) solid state amplification. One note of caution: There is no used market for this speaker. Do not be supprised to get only 25% of original investment on used market. One dealer offered $900 trade in when speaker was only one year old (my retail was $6000). Buy it for the long haul and you'll be happy. I use a Carver AV receiver (160 wats/ch) to drive the subs with excellent results. Be careful not to play too loud. If you blow out a tweeter, you'll probably have to send the whole panel back to the factory as it is covered by a cloth "sock" that cannot be removed. In summary, this is a speaker for the mature listener whose main focus is classical/jazz/etc. I will sound as good as the equipment you partner it with. Tonight, I can't recall hearing anything significantly better in my 30+ year history as an audiophile (well, maybe Jimmy Hendrix one July evening in 1969 on my Father's Zenith console stereo -but I had "help" with that one...)
the towers sound stunning with CJ premier 12 monoblocks (tube) and can take mucho (tube) power. subs like ss.with rock music the dvoraks will play reminiscent of the maxell adds, will curl your hair.
at 25 feet staging they are something to behold. adding agree with all that Dweller had to say about the AA's. kurt
(not kurt at audio a.)
Kurt: Good point about the distance for good soundstaging.
These guys like to be wide apart and back as far as possible.
I also think the towers are to tall for on-axis listening. The tweeter is a good 12 inches above your head (if you are reclining or in a proper "groove" position). I corrected this by mounting the tower and subwoofer on a single 12x2 wooden plank. Next, I cut the plank between the tower and sub and attached some door hinges (two per plank). Finally, I placed a one inch dowel (about broomstick size) under the pivot point which provides the perfect amount of tilt (aims right at your face). Trust me, it's worth the work...
thanks for your input all!
I agree with you Dweller that the speaker gets better and better w better equipment (and thank for tilt tips). With the new Ayre V1x it was fantastic. Since BEL has been a reference for AA people I bet that its sounds good (bel is not sold here in Europe-btw has the new Bel balanced in and outs and whats the price in US?) Im a little bit puzzled that you got so good results with mixing amps-here in Scandinavia the few AA owners agrees on that some of the magic disapear if you dont use exactly the same amps for mains and subs!Kurt do Y really listen 25 feets away from the spkers.You must have big room! What distance do you have between your spkrs ?
Ulf, that is the distance between the is long and unfortunately not very deep, 10 feet. have them toed-in slightly, and achieve nice width and depth staging at that separation distance. kurt
I read a post on Audio Asylum by a BillC stating that Audio Artistry is out of business. BillC are a audiopress reviewer. According to my knowledhe Aufio A i still alive and well. Anyone w more information on this subject!