Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker - Any listening and building experience

What is your listening and building experience with Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speakers?   

They look intriguing.   The science behind them fascinating.  The show reviews glowing.  

However, $2k price tag on an DIY kit is intimidating for the un-handy me.   For example, while all those show reports et al keep bragging on the low $2k price, they cost a whole lot more than $2k.

1) Assuming a carpenter is hired for the cabinet finish job, which seems to be an 80 man hours (2 weeks) project, that would be $2400 labor alone (assuming median hourly rate of USD $30).  Paint material would add about $200-$400.   OK even if you a just as good as a carpenter, you must still add the cost like that (as you could have make the same amount of money by offering your service to others)

2) Assuming one is not an audiophile but, say, a typical middle class Information Technology professional, the labor cost could get astronomical if DIY.   Say, average IT hourly rate in New York City area is like ~$50 per hour, that's $4k labor cost alone if one is handy like a pro carpenter.    Chances are, most are not.  Multiply that by 3, and the math comes to USD $12,000.   LOL.   OK, this is not a fair math.

3) What if one makes an unfortunate mistake during the DIY cabinet finish/assembly work?   That could mean substantial intangible loss.

4) What about the external crossover and/or room correction hardware?   That cost pretty Ben Franklins too.

5) And then, the cost of labor hours of assembling the drivers, wiring etc.   That adds up quick.

And not to mention that there is no guarantee of good sound (if not assembled right), and there is no warranty to cover any goof.

In fact, I read a blog about someone who spent almost months on building a pair, only to give up and decided to sell them at a major loss (the reason given in the blog was "wife doesn't like how loud they play").

Last but not least, for a estimated $8k-12k+ "project" total cost, I could have purchase some well-established, easily transferrable speakers that earn major accolades in Stereophile, TAS, PF, EnjoyTheMusic, etc, used, with established support from the manufacturers.

Nevertheless, not to digress way too much, would you please share your listening and building experience here?

Thank you

P.S.  I am thankful to find out about the CBT.   Now I'd appreciate the high cost of speakers making way more than before.   They ain't just the sum of the cost of the drivers, wires, crossovers, advertisement, beer money at shows, and dealer's slice of the pie like I used to think.

P.S.  Nearfield has an Pipedreams 930 Kit that ask for $4000 without the cabinets.  In comparison, the Audio Artistry kit is a bargain in comparison.

I'd be surprised if there were any members who have any experience with this kit, for the reasons you mention.
Built them a few years ago, incorporated a 15" Subwoofer as a "base" for them and fitted them with a Digmoda DDC552 amplifier - its a incredible competent design.  

You will not be disappointed.

Above link to pictures from an old ad run for this particular pair, if you need a pair we could potentially make one for you.

Best of luck
Should add the that he DDC 552 is a fully DSP programable Amplifier module with two 500W ICE modules and a 250W module.  The CBT36 +15" is a plug and play Speaker that can be fed from a preamp or DAC.  The ones above ended up in a HUGHE room at a local  very satisfied customers residence

Good Listening


I'm surprised! there you go...Peter can do anything! 
God bless all of you for the great information.

I guess my math in original post is way off.  :-)

I just noticed an stock CBT36 is now available at $6000 new, while a smaller, stock CBT24 could be had at less than $1500 shipped.

Truly intriguing!