Audio Artistry Beethoven's midrange stop working

I have a pair of Audio Artistry Beethoven's and the midrange drivers in one of the panels have died. Is there anyway of getting into the speaker to change the drivers. I have e-mailed Audio Artistry twice but no reply from them. Can anyone give me some advice.
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Looks like you'll have to access it from the rear maybe remove the black faceplate entirely probably with blind screws from the back. . The ScanSpeak 21W8554 is no longer available anywhere, I did a quick google search on it found a guy on DIY audio offering a pair, very old thread though, but it never hurts to ask.

What most likely is wrong with the driver is that the voice coil leads are broken in the transition from the former to the cone, with some skill you can fix it. Another issue can be a break where the tinsel leads attaches to the voice coil leads on the back of the cone, if this connection is black in color you have your answer, this too can be fixed though.

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I had a friend with Mozarts. In spite of my insistence, he'd never contact Sigfried in order to find out how to get inside. Contact Sigfried!
Peter, you answered that question so perfectly and professionally, I don't think it could have been done better.

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Try consulting Van L. Speakerworks in Chicago, Il.
Thank you all for your assistance in my speaker issues, I will try and contact Sigfried direct to see if a repair can be down. Will keep you posted.

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Thank you Albert, Speakers are in my blood you know :-)

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I own a pair of Beethoven Elites and had the same problem. I spoke with Sigfried and he doubted it was a bad driver. I double checked all connections and found that the Neutrik connector plug on the bottom rear of the speaker was not making good contact. I played with it and midrange started working again. I don't know if the non-Elite version has a similar connector but definitely worth checking before removing drivers. Good luck!
By any chance did you connected with Sigfried re your midrange issue?

I have a similar situation and would greatly appreciate for the comments / information as how to find the replacement drivers.

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Help!!! I to have a Beethoven with bad mids. I have yet to figure out how to disassemble panels to replace/repair drivers??? I've emailed both Audio Artistry and S.Linkwitz with no luck. Any help would be appreciated!!!  
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Finally able to get info from both M. Kay and S. Linkwitz:

In addition to removing the top, as Siegfried describes below the rosewood trim panel on the back of the Beethoven must be removed to access the screws in the Spine. This trim piece is also glued down with a soft silicon glue. Use a 1/16” x 1” x 36” piece of aluminum and sharpen one end and use a rubber mallet to tap it underneath the center of the spine starting at the bottom to remove the trim cover, be careful not to damage the small mesh grills over each hole in the rosewood trim. There is a glue point between all the drivers and at the bottom so the full length of the aluminum will be used. As you get near the last glue point you will be able to lift the trim piece out of the channel. The grill is affixed to the spine using 1/8” window screen spline available from Lowes or Home Depot. You will need to remove the 1/16” x ½” wide neoprene gasket that is covering the track for the spline holding the grill cloth in place. Next remove the spline from the track and pull the grill cloth to each side. This will reveal the screws holding the spine in place, remove all the screws and unsolder the wires to both 8” and 10” drivers. The 8” and 10” drives are glued to the spine so once all screws are removed gently lift the spine out of its mounted position and all drivers will follow. Make sure you don’t damage the wiring to the speak-on connector or simply unsolder those wires also. The drivers are also attached with soft silicon glue, use a putty knife to slip between the spine and the magnet working your way around to release the glue holding the defective driver. Position the new driver in the cabinet and put an ample spiral of silicon glue (a suitable version is available from Lowes and Home DePot) on the new driver’s magnet. Next reposition the spine and make sure each driver drops into the gasket arrangement on the front of the speaker. Replace the screws in the spine and make sure the glue does not spread beyond the magnet. (If you need to replace an 8” driver, there is a spacer that needs to remain in place). Re-attach the grill cloth to the spine using a window screen tool and stretch the cloth at the top and bottom of the speaker and press it into the glue and replace the staples (HINT: Harbor Freight has an air operated upholstery stapler for about $20.00 that works very well). The Neoprene gasket must be replaced, I may have some here if you can’t find that material. The spine will need to be glued in place and we held it down using 25lb lead shot bags while the glue was curing (make sure you remove most of the old glue). Follow the other steps in reverse to complete the assembly.


IMPORTANT: Remove the tweeter before laying the speaker on its face to work on it and note the tweeter wiring polarity is inverse phase (red wire to the minus terminal) on the tweeter.


Marshall Kay