Audio Artistry

i went into the local audio shop today and the owner was demo a pair if entry level (vivaldi) audio artistry..all i can say is WOW..before trading in my dunlavy sc4,i decide to do a search about these speaker on audiogon,but found nothing.Is there a reason why audiophile dont like these?any input would help..thanks
No reason for audiophiles to dislike these speakers -- on the contrary, they are easily among the best speakers ever designed. The A Artistry line was designed by S. Linkwitz (of Linkwitz-Riley/Linkwitz transform, etc, fame). If anything, the company didn't market their speakers as heavily as others. You could visit Mr Linkwotz's site and check things out. Read about the Orion, too, another Linkwitz design.

BTW, the Beethoven is outstanding (if expensive).