Audio Art vs Signal Silver Resolution

I vertically bi-amp a pair of Monitor Audio RS6 speakers with two McCormack dna 0.5 amps. I have a NAD C542 cd player and have been using some homemade cables to feed my pre-amp (Creek P43r) from the NAD as well as feed the McCormacks from the Creek. I tried a pair of Audio Art IC-3 between my cd player and preamp and it sounded very good. A friend brought over a pair of the Signal Silver Res. and it also sounded great. Anyone have any input on whether I should go with Audio Art all around or maybe the Signals? Mix it up?? I am using Audio Art SC-5 speaker cable. thanks for any input. Happy Holiday's!
At this level I'd think either set would be a good choice... given the speaker cables are already AA, I'd probably stick with them. naturally, if a window to try is available, why not do so? I know Rob at AA allows such a thing... I don't know about Signals stance on the issue however.

Mixing cables can and will allow some finer tweaking of the sound, however which ones to mix is always a mystery and requires a goodly bit of investigation... trial and error so to speak. Built in synergy usually comes more readily from 'Same - same' throughout.

Later on, if same same is the take here, you can then more easily slip in and out one ic at a time to try gaining some ground towards refining your system.

Good luck.
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I have the Signal Silver Resolution cables, but I am concerned that their resistance is so high. It is listed as 18.5 ohms per 1000 feet. That is about 18 times standard copper wire (and other brands) and six times their other speaker cables.
Just how long a run of cabling do you need?

You've done the math here, correct?

Not everyone even goes so far as to publish their resistive, inductive, capacitive, or impedance meausrements. These last 3 factors play as much a role as does simple resistance. In fact I'm wondering now how was that 1,000 ft. length of wire measured... laid out flat, or still on the spool? If on the spool I think the measurements aren't 100% accurate.

The long and the short of it however, remains as posted above... try 'em both... send back the one you don't like. At their price levels, worrying about such affairs of measurements is a waste of time. Actually worryiing about such things in general is mroe a waste of time or loss of energy than needs be.

Untill you plug things into your system, you won't really ever know anyways. That's the bottom line far more often than not with gear in general.. and cables especially.
Audio Art 's are better than anything at their price levels and a lot that are over them.Plus you are dealing with an honest and helpful guy .