Audio Art Statement 1 power cables?

I'm currently using these cables in my system with success along with other cables. I'm wondering others opinion on this cable in their system's.
Only posting this because nobody else has chimed in. Have not listened to them. However I really do like the ic 3 se's that I got from Fritz. They are really good. He is a really good guy to deal with.
I bought one about 3 years ago and liked it well enough. I was planning to buy a few more - I think I must have bought 15 PCs since then, but I soon discovered how much better you can do by buying used here on Agon. The first PC I bought here was a Custom Power Cord company top gun hcf for about the same money as Fritz's and there was no contest. Used Power Cords Rule!
I find these decent budget cables if you want to call a $1000 power cable a budget cable. Just the same these cables sound quite smooth.
Fast forward five and a half years and I’m using Audio Art Statement e2plus power cables on all of my components. In fact I was so impressed with the new top of the line Statement power cables that I recabled my entire system interconnects and speaker cables with Audio Art Statement cables and I am very happy and excited with the sound.
I’ve used many high end power cables ranging from $1000 to $1500 or more and the Audio Art e2plus power cables are the best I’ve used. The Audio Art Statement  signal and speaker cables are quite a bit better than the Cardas Golden Reference cables they replaced. The AA cables are excellent cables regardless their good price.
I have I think now 6 of the power1 classic power cables from Audio Art, plus two more made up as REL high-level subwoofer signal cables with Neutrik connector.  For under $200 they are great, outperforming the $100ish Signal Magicpower and Pangea models that I have also tried.

I just ordered my first classic plus power cable, which I'll put between my wall outlet and my Richard Gray conditioner.  Hoping that well further elevate things.

Rob is great to work with.  Highly recommended.
I started out with the Audio Art Classics, much better than my experience with Signal Cable and PS Audio entry cables that to my ears are no better stock power cords . Liked their impact and have moved up to Audio Art Statements and Power 1 ePlus cryo power cords in my main system.
Whats your experience moving up the Audio Art line?  I have been toying with upgrading my Triode Wire Digital with some of the higher end Audio Art PC.  I have the AE Power 1E which I think is a bit more "sweeter" than the TWD.  Do the Audio Art PC gain any more timbre and tone with the upgrades?
If you are up to attaching plugs to cables yourself, some here have found Viborg VP1606 5N OFC RISR 6 Square AC Power Cable to be inexpensive and outstanding. Because of its gauge (about 9.5 AWG) it’s not easy to work with, but well worth the effort. It will beat a lot of the high priced stuff.

Nice pictures here (scroll down), but I bought mine on ebay: