Audio Art Statement 1 power cables?

I'm currently using these cables in my system with success along with other cables. I'm wondering others opinion on this cable in their system's.
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Only posting this because nobody else has chimed in. Have not listened to them. However I really do like the ic 3 se's that I got from Fritz. They are really good. He is a really good guy to deal with.
Does anyone else have experience with these power cables?
I bought one about 3 years ago and liked it well enough. I was planning to buy a few more - I think I must have bought 15 PCs since then, but I soon discovered how much better you can do by buying used here on Agon. The first PC I bought here was a Custom Power Cord company top gun hcf for about the same money as Fritz's and there was no contest. Used Power Cords Rule!
I find these decent budget cables if you want to call a $1000 power cable a budget cable. Just the same these cables sound quite smooth.