Audio Art S-3SE interconnects

I've been shopping a pair of interconnects for my system recently. I auditioned quite a few cables priced from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars. During the process, I had a chance to speak with the owners of several companies who advertise their products on Audiogon. Rob from Audio Art is one of the most passionate persons whom I've spoken with. He knows his products and his customer service is great. The S-3SE IC's sound very open, with a lot of details and with good bass extension. The cables are also priced reasonably. Rob offers 30 days free trial. So if you are shopping for interconnects, I suggest you give Audio Art a try.
I have those interconnects and I think they are great. It seems like they have a musical bent to them. It is like they make me want to tap my feet, play the air guitar, ect. a little more than other cables I have. That is what I notice when I take them out or put them back in.
Rob is a very nice guy to deal with.
Want to correct the model. They IC's are supposed to be IC-3SE. Sorry about the confusion. Great sounding cables regardless of my typos :)

Are you still using 3SE ?  What ICs have you compared them to?
I changed ICs several times since then. Changed to the Silnote Morpheus II Series II then Synergistic Research Element Tungsten. Have been settled with SR for a while. Tried a few other brands but not long enough to comment.