Audio Art Cables by Rob Fritz

Hi all.

We feel an extreme sense of duty to spread the word about Rob Fritz and his amazing cables.

We'll let you read up on the construction and other details. We purchased 2 pairs of IC-3SE w/ Sound Connections Xhadow Precision RCA's for our phono rig. One was with the smaller barreled RCA connectors.

All of Audio Art cables are 100% shielded. These cables allowed a "BLACKER" background across the entire audible frequency bandwidth.

As a result of replacing my own custom made cables with the IC-3SE's we could hear "MORE" detail, separation, depth, much lower detailed bass, greater mids, and incredibly succulent extreme highs.

For our monoblock amps and CD player, we are waiting to purchase 2 pairs of IC-3SE XLR cables "Featuring Sound Connections Xhadow Precision XLR Plugs."