Audio Art cables

Did anyone compare IC3 Classic and IC3 SE with Xhadow connectors ? It's the same wire but different plugs. I recently bought the Classic and it's quite good so I am thinking about upgrading to SE but not unless the difference is significant.
Anyone familiar with their SE speaker cables and power cords, by the way?
Yes, I am . the IC3 SE with Shadows is FAR better than the Classic .
Big step up from IC3se with DH connectors much less the classic .
I own 3 ICse with shadows , his entry level power cord is excellent .
The IC5se are very good , IMO as good as any speaker cable under 1500$ at least,
Very natural sound , esp. good with harmonics on acoustic music .
The classics are all you need for rock/pop. For jazz or classical go for it .
Schubert, thank you, appreciate it. I listen to mostly acoustic music with some jazzrock and neo-classical. I'll get them.
For speaker cables, I am using Purist Colossus fluid that work very well with my speakers but might consider future upgrades. Would upgrade to Purist Neptune fluid if not the cost, it's at least $2k, and they are impossible to find used. The Neptune RCAs that I have are great cables, I just need another pair and can't afford one more Neptune.
Thanks schubert. I have the se's with dh labs. Maybe I'll call Frtiz and see about the shadows. 
Yes, Rob told me when I got the DH labs the Shadows were better.
After I got a Shadow it was not just better but far better and the DH labs are quite good ,
Rob said he tends to not say that because  he sounds like he's just trying 
to sell people up .If you've dealt with him much you know he's an honest guy .