Audio Art cable Power 1 Classic or Pangea AC-9

Which of these 2 budget power cable to choose for Cary mono's?
Sorry old thread but I'm also wondering about it as I need to decide between these cables.
Pangea AC9SE seems to be very difficult to manage with its thickness while Audio Art has better Furutech Plugs and it bit more pricey than Pangea.
Can't provide input on the Pangea. I have  Audio Art Cable power cords throughout my main system, to my ears they make an audible positive impact
The Pangea was a complete pita to work with. A really nice budget power cord is the signal cable.
I have a couple of these Pangea cords for my tube amps. They dictate your gear placement basically. I like them but they're not very flexible if you need to do much twisting/turning.

You may consider getting longer lengths if going with the Pangea to help with routing.

Hope this helps,
I've recently gone through power cords that are more expensive than the Pangea AC-9 I'm using on my Yamaha integrated, and so far it's working out better than the others. (it is thick and can be difficult to use depending on the angles etc)  I have a group of power cords that I bought over the years.  (VH Audio, Airsines , Flavor 4's, Wyred 4 Sound, Wattmaster, Oyaide/Acrolink etc.) So the cords often go unused until I  need to try them to get a feel for which cord will contribute to better sound. This is the one time I've used  the AC-9 when it's contributing to better sound. My point is that It's all about trial and error when it comes to using different power cords. I owned the Pangea for about 5 years and this is the first time when it stood out. I think a power cord will only contribute to better sound when the many variables in the system are favorable for that power cord. What variables? (the component the power cord is connected to, the AC coming in to your system, the hash or noise in your system, the synergy of the pieces in your system).  The Pangea is helping my system produce better sound, this time, but it might not for you.. It's a crapshoot. I don't know anything about the Audio Art products.