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let me preface this review by commenting the audio world has been waiting for a "bargain" priced cable for less than $ short someone took me up on my challenge (its about time and did it for less than $100 a meter)

well guess what... this is one of the best "reference" quality cables i have found with one caveat - it is very much system dependant since it is a silver hybrid cable. either silver works in your system or it doesnt ( give it a try - there is a 45 day audition period)

sonically speaking this cable is very, very, very close to the wireworld super (silver) eclipse V (7 times the price). the similair sonic signature should be no surprise since both are a silver plated copper cable. the construction is very good but nothing special ( given the price- very good)

getting back to the system dependance... the cable has a detailed but not bright top end. this sonic signature will go well with your system or not (bright solid state need not apply).

the imaging width depth and height are excellent and was far behind the speakers.. dynaimcs are good (macro & micro - this is a slightly fast cable and a very good match with tubes in somewhere in the system ( see equipment below)

the area that silver cables come short sonically is the deep bass region..deatailed but lacks the weight/heft (my wireworld super eclipse v was no different). also there is slight darkness borderline warmth in the upper midrange ( i am being relly nit picky.. this worked well with my system)

conclusion- this cable is one of the best cables i have heard under $500 hands down(providing you are looking for a silver signature cable) and is a friggen steal at the asking price.... i have posted many times that the audio world has been waiting for reference quality cable for less than $200 and nobody took me up on challenge until now..and did better by offering it 1/2 the price..

btw, to say that i am looking forward to the speaker cables is a understatement...


classe cam 350 mono's
bat vk30 (amperex 7308 gold pin)
marantz sacd 8260
audio physic libra
audience power cables
cardas neutral speaker cables

Thank you for your detailed and informative analysis of my IC-3 hybrid silver/copper interconnect.

Like you, I was unimpressed with what the audiophile cable industry had to offer at sub $300 price points for interconnects.

I set out on a quest last year forming Audio Art Cable to produce a reference quality line of cabling at reasonable price points. I'm very pleased to see that you and other experienced AudiogoN members, and audio enthusiests agree that you do not need to spend top dollar to be introduced to high-end cable performance.

Kind Regards,

Rob Fritz
Audio Art Cable