Audio Apparrel

Which hi-end companies offer cool looking T-shirts for sale? I know Manley and Martin-Logan have some available.

JL Audio
Here I thought the post was going to ask about favorite apparel to wear while listening to audio. 8^)
To my understand it depends on your system. Also some apparel requires as long as 300 hours to break-in. Some audiophile prefers Armani suit and VSOP while listenning to their hi-end music while others prefer all au-naturel approach to cool off the heat generated by tubes.
I have my Manley shirt "made in Chino, not China" which I really like, plus the functional Manley huggies to keep your beer cold and your tubes warm. Mapleshade records has a nice looking recording oriented t-shirt also. I would like a Cary or VAC shirt if they had them.

I have my Manley shirt "made in Chino, not China"
I LOL'ed at that. But with China, at least they can speak some English! ;)
Old Navy and Target both sell Tshirts with turntables, cassettes, etc. on their graphics.
If you purchase PC's from Black Sand Cables, you'll get a realy cool T-shirt in what ever size you want. I just purchased two of their Statement One cables... so I'm now the proud owner of one black and one white Logo T-shirts. By the way, the Statement One cables are amazing.