Audio Analogue Paganini MkII?

Hey out there, anyone own or have heard the Audio Analogue Paganini MkII with the upsamping dac? If so I'd like to hear your opinions about its sound and built quality. I'm considering buying a new cdp and I'm interested in this one. I live in Wyoming and as you might imagine I do not have access to any decent stereo shops and I do make some purchases based on reviews and things I've read on the net. My system is small and the room it's in is small also. I'm currently using a Linn Majik for an amp, Castle Richmond speakers and a "el cheapo" Pioneer DVD player for cd. I recently bought a Rega P2 and I really like its sound. I hoping to find a cdp that sounds similar but with a little better resolution. thanks in advance
Merry Christmas. I can answer most of your questions! I just sold my Planet 2K and bought a new Paganini CD player. I will first begin with the Planet 2K and my thoughts. The sound of the Planet is nice and you really don't get to tired from listening to it. Overall it is good. On the other hand I am sick and tired of everyone singing its praises. The build quality is a joke. If you think this is what hi-fi is all about then I think you are smoking Crack! I can't believe there are so many people out there that think it is the best thing since sliced bread. Now for the Paganini. The build quality is great. It is a very heavy player with a thick face. The sound is more smooth and relaxed (almost tube like). The resolution is probably about 4 times better then the Planet. I think the key to really enjoying this player is to pair it with a strong, base friendly amp!! If you can find an amp like this your system will sing. I am happy with my purchase and feel that it is a great player especially, for the price. My only complaint is that I think the loading system is somewhat budget. I could possibly see issues with it in the future. Either way I would keep my eyes open for a new/used one to save a little money. I hope this info helps out. If you have any other questions send me an email. David.........
I have the AA Paga MKII with AA Bellini and Donizetti monoblocks, NBS Omega and B&W CDM1. This set is in small room too (approx. 3x4 meter).

Totally agree with Dgosseli. Nice and smooth sound with lots of detail. Looks nice too.

Recently upgraded with NBS Omega III between pre and mono's, which resulted in a huge soundstage !

AA has a very good price-value rate.

Please email if you want more info.