Audio Analogue Maestro - Like Analog?

Since a good source is the `missing link' in my system (Rowland, Maggies, EAR), I've been reading a lot of info on manufacturer's web sites lately as well as forums like this one to get up to speed. The Audio Analogue folks talk on their website about the use of `professional' quality DACs (Analog Devices AD1855) and upsampler (Crystal CS8420)in their CD player.....but interestingly, they don't really refer to it as CD player, but rather as a Digital Audio Processor that just happens to have a built in transport. Lots of pushbutton options, sounds very flexible, along with balanced out AND in. Sounds kinda intriguing, but haven't a clue how it sounds. Anybody own this or have any experience auditioning? I'd be interested in your thoughts, and whether I should find one of the few dealers to audition??

Thanks, RandMac
wow, a manufacturer touting his product! what a concept! boy, i'd certainly prefer "professional quality" dacs over "amateur" ones! and a "built-in transport." wonder if it's a sony or phillips $36 OEM; either way, you can't lose, cuz', i mean, it's "built-in"! it seems like you've gotten tons of really useful information. don't bother to listen to anything. it'll just confuse you. -cfb
I have this CD player. It doesnt have any balanced INs though.

I will be posting a review of this player compared to the Bow ZZ8 and the brand new Audio Aero capitole in a few days.