Audio Amateur Yrs. 72-78 Hardback in 3 Volumes?

I have here Hardback Audio Amateur Volumes #1-8 in 3 volumes covering years 1972-78 full of ads, reviews, Heathkit, Dynaco improvements, Marantz, Audio research, build your own tube amps, schematics, tweaks, technical articles, How to build your own electrostatic loudspeaker plans and drawings, fold out pages, you name it. I would guess close to 1,000 pages in the three volumes. They are in a Red hardback covers, labeled in gold on the spines, bound to the book spine. They are not magazines. The pages are regular paper like a normal book. I know there was a monthly publication of these magazines. They are in very nice condition. I picked these up from a audio friend about 20 yrs ago. I see a #706 stamped on the last page in one of them. Possibly a college library reference #?
Anyone seen or heard of these before, and or what thier value might be? I searched the web high and dry and found nothing on a Hardback version of these informative publications.
Regards and thanks,
David in TX.
If you are selling them you are perilously close to breaking the no sell rules on this forums. I would like to advertise my holdings as well.
I suppose however if you were just curious without asking what they are worth, which BTW is always what someone will pay for them than it's OK. No Never heard of them.
If I were you I would ask your question without the fine binding details etc and especially not the appraisal question over on Audio Asylum DIY asylum or Vintage asylum. An Ebay auction will tell you what it is worth if properly promoted and cross listed.
I sold my original magazine issues on eBay about 10 years ago. I forget the exact price, but it was $200 or $300. That's a long span of time, though, so have no clue if the value has stayed the same, increased or decreased. I also have no idea if the hardbound is more valuable or less.
My intent here was only to learn if others had any knowledge of these books and NOT to sell them here. If I could figure out how to delete my post I would.