Audio Alchemy V1.1?


Just curious what this Dac is worth today? Bought one back in 1995 and used it a few months. Well, I just found it packed in some old clothing.
Hi Wig

I've seen on a very popular auction site the Audio Alchemy V1.1 DACs go for $100 to $150 depending on condition and the power supply you have it. I think the V1.1s with the stock power supply went for about $100 the V1.1s with the beefier power supply go for around $150. This was about a year or so ago. I haven't seen many V1.1s listed recently.

I had an AA V1.1 DAC with the stock power supply and to me it sounded quite nice. I preferred it to an Oppo DV980 player for just regular CDs.

Good luck with the sale if you do decide to sell it.
Thanks for the info, much appreciated.