Audio alchemy .......REPORT

DAC-in-the-BOX This little sucker packs a serious punch. I just picked one up for $49 from northern audio exchange. I can't believe this itty bitty thing can sound so good. I just bought it to try it out and to hold me over until I get a bel canto dac 1. It blows away the $1300 wadia 12. Man that thing is bright and harsh. I enjoy the DITB more than my theta probasic 2 ($2000). Although the theta was a little more powerful and the imaging was more defined it was to bright and not as smooth or natural as the Dac-in-the-box sounds. I know these other DACs are a little older but I would never have guessed they could be beat out by a $300 DAC that is a tenth the size and weight.The DITB is a must for an average dvd player upgrade. I hear the music and look at the audio alchemy and can't believe it's pumping out this much great sound. It's almost funny seeing this dinky dac hooked up with all my highend gear. It's also kinda funny thinking my digital wire costs more than my DAC did new. I can't wait to try the bel canto. system:Thiel, classe, MIT, pioneer DVD player, passive preamp. Ps does anybody know northern audio exchanges user ID? I want to leave feedback but can't find it. And hopefully they will leave me some too.
Hi Kacz. A bit off the subject, but I have found the Pioneer DV-525 to be a great CD transport - wonder which model you have. However, I found that it desperately needed some deadening of the chassis - and had some success with Isogel small footers - how do you get on with this?
I have the 525 also. I got it new for $211 from frys. I want to get the DV-05 when I find it for a good used price. I'm glad you brought that up because I totally let that blow by me. It does have a pretty thin chassi huh. I'm sure it could use some help. I have a decent rack right now that might be helping and I should probably put some weight on top of my player and maybe give those feet a try. Redkiwi what are you using for a dac?
Hi Kacz. I am using it with a Theta Gen Va DAC while my Theta Data III is away (I have had one die on me and this latest one seems terminal also - I am not enjoying this). But I have got to say that with the DV-525 in place I do not miss the Data III. I use a pretty good rack too, but I found without a lot of damping there was a hardness to the sound. I tried a sand bag on top and that improved things, then cones underneath and it got better still - but just the Audioquest Sorbogel feet (I said Isogel last time and that was a mistake) underneath was even better. What knocks me out about the DV-525 is the great detail and the outstanding dynamics. By the way, I have heard the DV-05 is about the same when used as just a transport - but I have not heard it.
Hi again. I put 30 pounds of weight on top and it sounds much tighter. I'll definitly have to try some feet becuase I can still feel the thing vibrating. Well maybe I'll still get a DV-05 for the better picture. I just don't understand why nobody makes a dvd transport for like a grand or less. I mean everybody would buy one. How many people actually use the analog outputs? Most people use them as a transport especially with dolby digital being so big. Thats some good stuff you got. Not the bright stuff like theta used to make. Does your dac make a loud pop when changing discs? My probasic 2 used to really bad so I had to have a transport for cd's. But my audio alchemy only makes a slight crackle.
Hi, I'm using a pioneer DVL-700 (DVD/LD) player as a transport. I have always found Pioneer makes some great transports if you isolate the vibration (a common theme here, huh?). I'm also using the Audioquest sorbothane Big Feet. These are the older "pucks" (not the half-spheres). Under those, I'm using Mod Squad tip toes. The weight at the top is provided by some power supplies connected to some Audio Alchemy gear. I find this arrangement works great to isolate vibration (and noise) from the transport, especially with laser discs. I also think AA gear is great. I have heard the D.I.B. and it is a great DAC for the $. I have heard better though but that was the great thing about the Alchemy approach - modular for easy upgrading. If you're happy with the D.I.B. and your current transport, you may want to look at getting hold of a DTI+ or 2.0 (newer version). The reduction of jitter will really improve your overall stage and detail. You can get these thing used now for <$130.00 on this site and eBay (I'm not talking the DTI-PRO 32 now). Happy listening!
I would love to try out the DTI+ but then I would have to buy another $325 digital cable and it starts adding up. However I was thinking about upgrading the power supply. Right now I only have the smallest stock one and was wondering if you have any experience with upgrading to the p2 or p3? Do you think I would get the full benefit or any at all with my lower end DITB?