Audio Alchemy power supplies.

Hi, I just purchased a used Audio Alchemy DLC preamp with the PS1 power supply. Can anyone tell me the differences between all of the Audio Alchemy power supplies? How do the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 compare with each other? Thanks in advance.

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I built my own power supply for the DLC and the improvement was very significant. The power station 1 is way below what is required for any competent preamp. By the way the same applies to the MSB DAC.
It is going back a few years so it is hard to be specific. Not being a wizz with electronics I stuck to a standard design and decent materials. Good as the DLC is, I don't think it warrants anything more than the following. The transformer was 150 VA potted toroidal I think, but may have been bigger. However I used one that was lying around and otherwise would have been happy to buy a 80VA one for this application. I cannot recall what rectifier diodes I used, they were supplied by a local chap who said they would be best for the application...? The first filter caps were Nichicon Muse - I think about 5,000uF a side (but high is good). I used an LM317 and an LM337 for rectification, dropping the voltage about 10VDC (to about 16VDC is it - I cannot recall). Final filter caps were Black Gates, I think about 1,000uF a side (too high a value here can degrade things from my experience). I find there is no improvement in bypassing Black Gates with small polyprops and so did not in this case.