Audio Alchemy OM-150 Comments

Has anyone used/heard the amp? I'm considering a purchase to drive my Magnepan MG12's. Currently using a Stan Warren modded 5400.

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I am an owner of the AA's complete system which included the DDS Pro, DTIPro32,DDEv3.0,DLC and OM150. The OM 150 is a great sounding (tube like sound with excellent articulate bass) and powerfull amplifier(2X150W in 8 Ohm). I have an Acurus A100 as second amp in my system but the OM150 in dual-mono version sounds much better.
About the repair. OM150 had runs so hot (input resistors) when play and it is not so good for electrolythic capacitors which uses in the input chains. I have changed the capacitors in my amp twice (trust me it was an super firework wit smoke).
It is Nichichon 10000uF/80V. If it will be possible find the high temperature grade (100degrC) capacitors. Shematic of the amplifier you can find by the link:
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