Audio Alchemy OM-150 Comments

Has anyone used/heard the amp? I'm considering a purchase to drive my Magnepan MG12's. Currently using a Stan Warren modded 5400.

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I have been using mu OM-150 for 3 months now. I purchased it from Audiogon for 500 dollars. The amplifier is connected to a ShengYa dual mono preamp, and Salk Veracity QW loudspeakers. The system is unbeatable in detail, and accuracy. It is the best SS amp that i have ever heard. It is fast. It does have a high idle current draw, and stays warm, but it fires away at any music thrown at it. Dave Mathews band live sounded live, and Mozart, and Vivaldi are effortlessly reproduced. All cables are silver, but i heard no difference between my copper interconnects. All power cables are handbuild and hefty, and shielded. The AA OM-150 power supplies are heavy, and are rated at 50HZ operation at 115 volts. My main complaint is that the power supplies hum externally. I am in the process of measuring the hum at the speakers, but i believe it will be acceptable, as you cannot hear it in the listening chair, but the external hum is annoying. I am purchasing some feet to isolate it, and to put a vibration pad down, but that shouldn't have been necessary. This amp gets 2 thumbs up from me.