Audio Alchemy- Now What?

getting the stereo bug back, currently have AA DDE 3.0 mod by Dusty Vawter and DDS transport, anyone with experience with this setup, how did you tweak or where did your next upgrade lead you
I apologize up front, but I don't recall in which review or what the guy's name was, but he compared your setup (which was his reference for CD playback) to the Muse Model Five transport and Model Two Plus DAC. The latter combo became his new reference. Nuff said?
Nuff said? I don't think so!! I am asking for upgrade histories not one mans gospel
The DDE 3.0 is still excellent by today's standards. I'm not familiar with the DDS but I had a 1.1 top loader and it was at least as good as the Theta I'm now using. My recommendation (FWIW) would be either one of the various DTIs between the two units or a Genesis Digital Lens. Someone has a Lens listed on A-Gon for $250, which is a steal. I'm using a DTI 2.0 AND a Digital Lens between my transport and DAC.
While I'm not sure if the Genesis has such a connection, the AA DTI-PRO32 has the IS2 connection that should work VERY well with the other AA gear you have. This is supposed to be the best digital connection available though my current DAC does not accept it. I do own a DTI-PRO32 (RevB) and think it is a great improvement.
The Genesis does not have IS2. It has coax, AESEBU, ST optical, BNC and Trashlink.