Audio Alchemy DLC preamp?

I'm thinking about upgrading my amplification (currently B&K PT-3 & ST1400 series II). There's nothing really wrong with my present setup, in fact it sounds great; it's just that the PT-3, in particular, has a bunch of features I neither need nor want (the tuner is a major example -- I've used it exactly twice in 4 years, just to check my stereo imaging). So I'd like to take a more minimalist approach. I've considered various passive preamps, must I need a remote and there doesn't seem to be a big selection. I've also looked into the Adcom GFP-750, but the thing that sounds best to me at the moment is an old Audio Alchemy DLC. So my question is, would the DLC be a good match with the B&K power amp? If not, how about an Odyssey Stratos? Any other suggestions?
Though I like this little linestage with upgraded PS-3 for its mids-highs transparency,great .5db steps,precise channel balance,yet it has limited somewhat warm low-end(PS1 lowers the bar top to bottom).Good budget linestage for limited low frequency system but still hesitant to recommend due age and possibly worn remote.This is important because you *must* have a perfectly functioning remote to at least train up a learning remote.The GFP-750s I've heard(never owned)had better low end,on par or better top.Yet GFP-750 volume control pales in control on low level adjust compared to DLC.That said Adcom is still around to service and AA is gone,added to which Dusty Vawtner(?)no longer repairs or mods them.