Audio Alchemy DLC

Does anyone have any experience with the Audio Alchmey DLC? I'm looking for an inexpensive preamp and I'm having trouble finding infromation on the DLC. Any info would be great. thanks Matt
Wes Phillips reviewed it in Stereophile in 1995, I think the June issue. I OWN THE DLC, WITH "POWER STATION 3", AND HAVE BEEN HAPPY WITH IT FOR 3 AND A HALF YEARS. I don't care what anybody says, there's nothing better for twice, and maybe 5 times the price!!! I'm never selling mine, no matter what else I get. THAT MAY BE YOUR PROBLEM (it sure was Audio Alchemy's): The things WERE TOO GOOD OF A VALUE FOR THEIR PRICE, so I'm sure most guys who bought them are gonna keep them forever, even when they upgrade. ALL THE BEST IN FINDING ONE, or whatever you end up with.
These were great for the price. Make up your own beefy power supply and they really start to perform. The downsides? Volume is only able to be changed via the remote and the remote needs to be firing perpendicular to the front of the unit to work. The sound is clear and dynamic, but a little grainy/mechanical in the upper mids, and a little lean in the lower mids thru the bass. A Sonic Frontiers Line One is definitely better, but if that level of Preamp is beyond your budget, get a DLC. They are obtainable for under USD200 - just keep looking on Audioreview, Audiogon, Audioweb, Audioshopper and eBay. (I can get you one - sans power supply - if you are desperate).