Audio Alchemy DLC

Do you guys think it can be used between a vintage preamp and amp to add volume control to a vintage system?

thanks in advance!

Find a Chase RLC-1 to add remote control to your system. Cheaper, more flexible, more functionality and more transparent than the DLC. I've owned both.

Thanks Wendell, I will look into it!!
With all due respect to Narrod, I have also owned both units, and, to my ears anyway (and in my system), the DLC is a much better-sounding unit. No competition, really. For what the DLC is selling for these days-typically well under $300-I think it is a very good value. Just my two cents...
Why would you want to add gain? Most vintage preamps have an excess of gain, and most vintage amps have pretty normal gain structures as well. What exact units are you talking about and what inputs do not give you enough gain, all, phono only, line only, etc.?
I don't think he is looking for more gain. He wants remote control capability of what he already has. The DLC or RLC-1
will both do that.

Wendell, of course you are correct. How thick can I be? In that case, another alternative would be the Creek remote volume control in a box, I think it is the OBH 11 or OBH 12. Completely passive, so no active circitry will be added into the chain.

Whatever method is chosen, it may be of value to put it in the tape loop, instead of between preamp and amp, so that it can be defeated for critical listening, or when it is not required.

Thanks again for the correction.

The Creek is a very good option. The DLC is also quite good. I like the Chase because of all it's capabilities even though it is a passive design. I've actually used it as a line stage while my tube pre was away for mods.

I have used both the Creek OBH-12 and the DLC in the manner you intend to use them, although not with vintage gear. The DLC suited my system better, especially for the used prices.