Audio Alchemy DDS pro, Theta Digital Pearl or EAD

Hi dear fellows.
I´m looking for a very good cd/ transport that does not exceeds 1000 dollars budget.What do you think about these three cd transports??
Audio Alchemy DDS Pro
Theta Digital Pearl
EAD T 1000

All of them uses pioneer stable platter.Which one of these three cd transports do you think performs better?( by saing better I intend to have a more natural , warmthness and lively sound, a sense of presence, best dynamics, soundstage and details as well.
Any experiences will be highly appreciated!!
Cheers Raf
I think they are all terrible choices since they are all very old and will in all likelihood not have parts available when they break, which you can be assured of since they are so old. I'd look at an Oppo.
Thanks Erikminer.The issue is that I have compared an Oppo dgital media player, more precisely BDP 95, using it as transport reproducing cds and it was vastly beaten by an Old Hi end cd player (Proceed cd player and even more by a Krell MD10 transport.So My conclusion is for getting the best in reproducing a cd ,you must use a Hi end cd transport, even if it is old.Anyway I now that the spares parts of these transports are no longer available, which represents a risk in future.Anyway knowing that, my question is if anyone have compared these three cd transports.Any comment will be appreciated.Cheers.and thanks again!Raf
I have not compared these to each other. I owned the Theta Pearl and was quite pleased with it, as it was an audible upgrade from what I'd been using before. However, I eventually replaced the Pearl with a Theta Jade, and got an easy-to-hear improvement—it brought me that much closer to the music. Still using and enjoying the Jade.

Transport makes a tremendous difference in CD sound. I guess my point is to consider the Jade rather than the Pearl if you want the best from Theta.

Thanks Dave!Very useful appreciation.I think the Jade could be a good choice,I´ll take it into consideration.Does anybody tried an EAD cd transport?I was thinking also in a California Audio Labs Delta transport.Any experiences will be appreciated.
I had the EAD T-1000 transport many moons ago.I never had a problem with it.The build and sound quality were great,I loved it. I paired it with their DSP 7000 Series 3 dac...a very analog sounding combo. With that said,I would be concerned about replacement parts if needed.

Look into a used PS Audio Power Wave Transport,it reads and stores data on memory,which to me,at least,would be the way to go.It may lack some options you need but it is a giant killer in the transport universe and PSA has great support.

Good hunting...
I owned the Audio Alchemy DDS Pro at one time (a new one). It worked fine during the time I owned it, no problems at all.
If I remember correctly I used the I2S connections to other Audio Alchemy components.
FWIW, many years ago, I had a high-end Pioneer PD-95 transport with the stable platter drive. It was built like a tank – with an internal faraday cage. It was beautiful to look at. But, the sound was very dry and analytical. I sold it for a cheaper, better sounding, custom-modified transport with better processing and clock. No stable-platter. It just died a couple of weeks ago. So, I’ve been looking for a replacement.

I was researching the Audio Alchemy DDS Pro, also. I ran across this thread. It seems that the board might have a power/capacitor issue. Fortunately, the laser assembly, PEA1179 is still available from Pioneer. Unexpectedly, on a local Craigslist, I found an AA package including the DDS III, DTI and DST. Took a chance and bought the package. The three units are linked together ahead of my old DAC. My music sounds better than ever. LOL. I read somewhere that the AA DDS III has a Sony CD drive. So, if you find an Audio Alchemy transport, you might want to check out the DTI as a clock. I did hook up the DDS III directly to my DAC and it does sound pretty good. The DTI bumps it up a little more.
Many thanks for your valuable suggestions!What do you think about a California Audio Labs Delta cd transport??Is it at the same sounding level of an EAD T 1000 or an AA DDS pro?Or is it more basic and does not outperforms in the same level?...Thanks for your suggestions!Cheers!Raf