Audio Alchemy DDE V3 experts required

I have a DDE3 needing repair,I'm in the UK and have the e-mail of an ex-AA guy and the Dusty guy in the States but I would like to pick the brains of any Audiogoners who may be able to help before I go down the repair road.
First up the unit digitally seems to be fine,it will read HDCD discs and normal discs,the digital output works.
It locks ok.
It has no remote contol but the remote control sensor is fitted,this is part of the problem I suspect,the bad news even when I get some music the right channel is giving out only noise,so I suspect that output is bust.
With the connector from the remote control sensor fitted on the back jumper I can change inputs but get no LED's on the volume and no sound-not a surprise.
With the connector fitted on the front jumper the unit goes through a loop of the digital inputs staying on each for about 45 secs,the live input gets progressively louder from silence to a normal level (only through one channel as previously described)and then moves on,no pressing of any buttons will stop the loop.
I've tried different combinations of the connector including none-nothing helps.
I'd appreciatte if anybody can help with ideas or theories-a set of schematics would be nice too if anybody can help.
I suppose if all fails it'll make a nice paperweight.
Thanks in advance.
Always better to look before you leap....
I've managed to get the remote disabled and the volume up by manipulating the buttons however it is now only playing out one channel-so I guess that's all that needs fixed.
Would I be wrong to think I'm now looking at a simple repair?
Ben, I've owned more than a dozen pieces of AA gear and still own two DDEv3s, both modified by Dusty at CIA. Sorry to give you bad news but for the most part Dusty has stopped doing repairs on AA gear since parts are no longer available. Fortunately, you can pick up a used DDEv3 for about US $300 so my advice would be to buy another one and keep the one you have for parts should the replacement fail.

BTW, I also own a Camelot Uther MkIII dac which is kind of like a DDEv3 on steroids (dual differential Burr-Brown PCM63 dacs, adjustable dither settings, analog volume control, etc) and although the Uther is clearly superior to the DDEv3 the Alchemy piece continues to provide tremendous musical satisfaction and IMO is still an excellent choice for music lovers regardless of budget or advances current technology.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have additional questions.
Does anyone know where to get a schematic for the DDEv3 ?