Audio Alchemy DDE v.3 Dac problem

I have a problem with an Audio Alchemy DDE v.3 Dac. The LOCK light under STATUS on the front display stays lit for both INPUT 2 and INPUR 3 even though there is only one digital input being used. (either a coaxial or I2S bus cable is connected to the DDE but the LOCK light stays lit for both connections). At present I'm getting no sound from the DDE v.3. This problem likely originated when I hooked up both a coaxial and a I2S cable to the DDE while the DDE was powered up. The manual says never make these connections while the unit is powered up. Is there a way to correct this problem so that I can get sound again?
It is trashed. It is not worth the money to fix.
Start looking for another DAC.
(usually when they say don't do something... it is for a good reason!)
Have you tried resetting it, by unplugging the power for a couple of minutes and plugging it back in?
You can try calling DTG/SACO, who are connected with Perpetual Tech, which is the same people who made Audio Alchemy, and see if they can help. I'm not sure they're still doing business, but the last number I have for them is 805-641-7875.
Ultimately, Elizabeth may be right. The piece was a great piece in its day, but, for the price of repair, you might be able to pick up something newer on audiogon that does a better job. Technology moves on. If you liked the AA, you might look into the Perpetual Tech. I had the P1A, P3A, Monolithic power supply, all with Modwright upgrades, and it worked terrifically well. (I later upgraded.) They are a lot more than the AA, though, if repairable.
If you have the instruction manual look for a RAM clear function. My AA DLC had one to clear the program if it got scrambled or locked up. Had to do it once, not a problem.
With the Audio Alchemy DDE V.3 I have there is no music coming from the analog outputs but there is music coming from the digital coax output. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any idea as to who can fix this? Any ways I can work around this issue? My preamp is a Mccormack TLC-1 that I'm very attached to and only has analog inputs. It has no digital coax inputs.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks JD
Check out the Channel Islands Audio VDA 2 DAC. At $599 it's a killer dac for the money in my opinion.
Hi Oddiofyl (cool screen name btw)

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to check out the CIA VDA 2 DAC. My tech told me that the OP176GP ICs needed to repair each analog channel of the AA DDE v3 can't be located. He's tried every reliable parts company he could reach out too. Looks like I've got a new paperweight.