audio aero vs ayon cd5

i have a krell 20il cdplayer and i want to buy a good cdplayer, audio aero prestige vs ayon cd5 are the option, this week i want to buy ,please your final opinions
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Both the AA Prestige and the Ayon CD5 are Full 2 channel Analogue Preamps,Transports and DAC's all in one.
You have an fine preamp so you would not be able to utilize all their features.
The AA Prestige as with all Audio Aero gear are getting more difficult to maintain and have repairs made.That being said I have two AA Prestiges and other AA gear which IMHO sound as good as I have heard and thats likely why I have two players(two systems).The Ayon CD2 might be a better choice as it is a CDplayer only.They also have numerous repair facilities should the need arise.
Good luck and trust your ears reviews are only a guideline.
I believe the CD2 also has a built in preamp.
Good luck if the AA needs service.
CD5 hands down!!!