Audio Aero versus Metronome : the French clash


Did anyone had the chance to compare Audio Aero Prima DAC with Metronome C1A ?


Renaat Mattheus
I have the C1A since yesterday. More musical, analog and 'warmer' sound than the AA and with no loss of detail. Highly recommended DAC ! AA Prima is already sold.
We have used the Audio Aero Capitole and the Prima CD player at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Some photos on our website One of the terrific lines we carry deHavilland Amplifier Company was at the show with the Metronome which we don't carry. My guess is the Metromome is very very good as well. Tough choice.
French Clash... That's comical!

For one time a french can answer...

I'm owning an AudioAero Capitol Reference - the last model shipped at the end of last year.
I've heard the top line Metronome on Lamm ML1.1 + JM Lab grade utopia BE

Metronome is building one of the best drive in the word, based on Philips Pro mecanism.
Like other drive with Philips Pro mecanism, it sound human, full.
Dac's are good, but I think you can find better.

For me Metronome is a very good choice - and has to be compared to CEC - it's more precise, compared to Accustioc Arts, it's better.

The AA is a "singer" - the message is simplified, but it's always singing ! It's another approach : more music, less Hifi ! You can hear it a lot of time.