Audio Aero prima vs Musical Fidelity 308 cdp

Anyone have any experience with either (or both) of these.? Considering both as upgrade,but havent been able to find much in the way of reviews/feedback on either. Would (possibly) replace Rotel 991 AE. Thanks for any help. Mike
I've heard both of these. They're completely different, essentially in the ways that SS and tubes are generally different. It really depends what the rest of your system is, and what your musical tastes are.
Duh. Just added "prima" after audio aero in the archive search and came up with quite abit. Sounds like quite a player..

That's my 2 penny review.
Boa2; Wonderfully concise. Is the price range similar for the two?
Is the 308 still in production, now that the A5 is out, or, Winoguy, are you only looking at used?

Depending on budget, I might've suggested the Naim CD 5i or 5x, or the Arcam 73 or 33 for consideration.
Thanks fella's. I beleive the MF 308 is discon., but can now be bought new for $2k. The AE Primo just seems like a nice unit from what I found in the A'gon archives. I'd like to buy new, but am not adverse to a well kept used unit. Rest of system: Rogue 99 Magnum
McCormack 225
PSB Stratus gold i
Rega P25
MF X can III
Senn. 650
Anyone know about break-in on either of these? Thanks again, Mike
If you are asking about break-in on the CDP's, I have a Prima and it sounded fantastic right out of the box. I honestly couldn't say if it got better over time.
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In my opinion, most of MF are zzzzzzzzzs .Its doesnot matter the quantities are limited, 500 here ,500 there .........still make no sense to me ..........Thats why so many MFs up for sale lately.I had a orginal aero prima bought from sigsounds long ago ,but it stills sound great with my ref system.Why would i go for a 24/192 or sacd ...16,18,20 bits still live up an expectations.

No comparison experience with the 308, but I've been more than happy these past 2 years with my Prima. Not a problem. Beautiful, toasty, open and detailed sound from top to bottom. This is a hard cdp to beat for twice the price. If you wind up going with the Prima I can turn you on to the where I purchased mine. You can email me on the side. peace, warren
Warrenh or Winoguy;
Is the Audio Aero also around $2K? Not stocked in my town...
The Prima retails for around $2250. I say 'around' because dealers don't always advertise the same retail pricing. Used ones of the most recent model Prima seem to go for $1500-1650, or thereabouts. The new version coming out--which I understand to be nothing more than a cosmetic change--will be closer to $2700 because of the sagging dollar. Others can correct me if I'm wrong.