Audio Aero Prima Owner's Musical Taste

I've read glowing reviews from owners of the Audio Aero Prima. For those of you who own this player, would you please describe your listening tastes? I'd like to know if this player's strengths skew toward a particular style of music. Also, are you using tubed or SS amplifiers?
You can punch in on "system" and see what my deal is. You will love this cdp. The tubes toast things up and the Prima works well with either SS or tubes. I'm a jazz man, but listen to everything. No problem with this baby. Nothing can step into the ring with the Prima at this price. The Prima (excuse the corny metaphors) will go 15 rounds with just about any player costing twice the price or more. It's that great. If you're interested in a great price from an authorized dealer, give me a buzz and I'll turn you on to the fella I bought mine from. There's quite a wait for this baby. You'll have trouble finding it, but I believe Tony does have one. Peace, warren
Yeah I bought my Prima from Tony too. I second Warren's enthusiasm. I compared it to my Capitole Mk 2 and it's pretty close to just as good. I listen to quite a bit of different types of music and everything sounds great without a hint of digititis often associated with lower priced players. The Prima is uncanny in it's ability to portray the exact placement of a large orchestra.

I'm using mine with an Innersound system, all solid state with the Innersound Eros Mk 3 speakers.

Is it too late to ask info where I can audition the Prima 24/192? I live in Nothern CA and I'm very interested in listening to one or possiblly getting one.

Thanks in advance.
Go to Audio Aero's website and find out who your local dealer is. That'll do it. You'll love this baby. peace, warren

I did email Aero and they referred me to Ralph who is an Aero Distributor. They are based in Minnesota.

I'll try again.

Thanks for the help.
You don't really need to audition a Prima.
Just order one.
I had mine for about 1 1/2 years and I had a real problem letting it go.I became very attached to it like a affair if you will.But I did manage to live without it after I fell in love with the Capitole Mkl . Now for the full retail difference between the Prima and the Cap.The Prima is the way to go.I however picked up the Cap for a good price used and well.... it is more than I expected ,way more.
Jazz, lotsa jazz. You will hear every detail that is on the cd. If you are in the likes of Brian Hughes, Thom Rotella, Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber and so on, this is the player to get. Match it with a Prima amp and a good set speakers, you will be in audio nirvana. Try Globe Audio or Audio Gallery in Toronto if you just want to get one. I second Peterd's advice, just get one, no auditioning is neccessary.
In SWan Francisco, the authorized Audio Aero distributor is AUDIOVISION, located at 1603 Pine St., just off rom Van Ness.


Call first, I know they have the Mark II hooked up to that really wonderful Audio Aero Capitole Tube Amp. They might have a prima, too. Also, I hear rumors of another distributor in the East Bay, perhaps in Berkeley.

The Prima does sound really good. I opted for the Mark II, used. If you can afford a new Prima, go for it. Each new release by Audio Aero only gets better.
Thank you guys..(no offense) Just like buying a test drive it and see if it is what you REALLY like to have..

I'm even considering bringing my "to be replaced" CD/LD player to the store for sound really hear that magical sound that a lot of u guys are raving about.

Don't get me wrong I like everything I read on this Prima 24/192 here on the gon.

But in all fairness..

Sytem consist of the FF:
SF Line2SE;MC402,ML Ascents, Pioneer CD/LD player CLD D604, Audioquest interconnects, Changlighspeed CLS6600 ISO conditioner.. (highly revealing spkrs)

Appreciate everyones help on this.
Bringing what you got to compare with what you want is a great idea. I believe in this eventhough when I have advocated this approach hereabouts I get the usual..."no two listening rooms are alike, it won't be the same on YOUR speakers, or the amps are different....".

I still believe, but the chorus can be deafening, if one can excuse the pun......