Audio Aero Prima or Consonance REF 2.2 cd player.

I was ready to purchase a prima cd player several months ago, until my finances prevented me to do. In the mean time I was searching for a used player to get my by until I could purchase a new player. I found a used Resolution Audio CD-50 very reasonable. I am at the point where I can purchase new. So not sure exactly what to do. Took me sometime to find the cd-50. I have been reading some very good things about the CONSONANCE REF 2.2 player. I haven't had a chance to listen to any of these players.
I listen to rock and roll and usually very loud. My system consists of a Hafler XL-600 amp, AR SP9MKII preamp and a pair of klipsch KLF30's. I like the system for what it is.
I am curious if anyone has had a chance to listen to either the Prima or the REF2.2, maybe compare the two, if so, could I get an opinion? I have waited so long to make a purchase. I want to make sure I buy the better of the two.
Thanks to all that reply in advance!
Can't compare the two, but I have the Prima. One killer cdp. I've said this adnauseam, I know; but you can't touch this baby for the price and maybe twice that. At least it'll go a full 15 rounds with players costing a hellava lot more. You're a rocker? I don't know if you have to go for those $$ (Prima) for electric music. peace, warren

Warren does make a point that the Audio Aero is at it's very best with accoustic, jazz and classical music. If you are so much of a rocker that power is everything, then you ask good questions.

I have audio aero equipment and I would own nothing else. Oh yeah, I run the latest Led Zepplin DVD through it on two channel and it rocks!
I have said to many times as has Warren that the Prima is one killer player. I've compared it to and own some high dollar players and for the money I would imagine it would be very hard to beat
OK, all you Prima-Donnas ... hehe

Have you had a chance to compare the Prima with big brother Capitole, Resolution Audio Opus 21 or Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP??

The new Chinese players (Consonance, Xindak, etc.) are quite feature-filled for the price, but I really haven't heard any dependable, direct comparisons to the established European or American players. I understand that the Xindak players use alot of the same hardware as the ES Sony's (DAC's, transports), and has been sub-contractors for the manufacture of players for other marques.

I understand this $1500-3500.00 range is just filled with hot players, used & new, tube & SS, but I am also trying to decide which new player is worth shelling out this kind of Jack for, and don't have anywhere local to listen to them.

Opinions Requested!!
I also have a Prima cdp and can not complain. I did not compare to other cdp's, but it was a lot better than what I had. You can not go wrong with this player, as Warren and others have suggested. Check out Audio Gallery in Toronto, sometimes a seldom use demo comes up.
Can't help over-reading raving reviews on this "Audio Aero Prima 24/192 CD player" from goners. BUT HOW does one go about
auditioning this beaut..? I live in northern CA.

So far MN is the only listed U.S. Aero distributor.. Am I out of luck on this one? I am considering upgrading my cdp but still debating on how to go about it.. CDT/DAC versus CDP with tube outs.

It's always been my way to locally audition before I decide on any piece of audio... (backed by testimonials from asylums and reviews)of course.
There are at least two Audio Aero Outlets in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can call the folks at Globe Audio and ask. I don't remember the name of one of the outlets in San Francisco. It is located just off from Van Ness Avenue, near Pine St. (I think).

Anyway, the folks at Globe are very helpful.

Thanks for your info.. I already spoke with Kevin of Audio Vision in SF(Van Ness And Pine st.). He has the Aero Prima 24/192 in stock. I'll probably audition this weekend.

Just one question. I heard there is the Prima and the Prima 24/192. If this is so how does one distinguish between the 2?

Thank you again.
Okay, here's a bit of an open secret about getting great information about the latest on Audio Aero.

First, there is that fellow in Minnesota, or wherever, who has the rights to U.S Distribution. I forget his name, but while he is a real nice guy on the phone, he is not as helpful as the North American Outlet located at Globe Audio in Canada.

Call them: (800)330-3804.

the response is so good that you will wind up calling them first, even when you think the information is available locally.

These guys even track individual serial numbers and releases and can answer all kinds of questions.

Good luck!
Disclaimer: I am a Xindak dealer.

All of the players mentioned above are outstanding and I really can't imagine anyone being displeased with any of them. However (you knew that was coming didn't you ;-] ), for the money, the Xindak SCD-2 ($1695 retail) is the player to beat in the very crowded $1k-3k player market, IMHO.

If anyone has any specific questions regarding the Xindak, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
I heard the consonance. It reminded me of a Cary 306/200 which is high praise. U may or may not like the style.

I haven't heard Aero, though.