Audio Aero Prima - not responding

My audio aero prima is not responding to discs
just 4 dashed lines in the display
sounds like maybe the laser gave up the ghost

audio aero doesn't seem to answer emails
is there a reputable US repair shop I can contact

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Contact Globe Audio Marketing. They are distributors for Audio Aero.

Their contact page lists the US Service person as Greg Collins on Cornville, AZ.
Try both turning it off and pull the AC cord. Let it sit for a few days. You would normally contact Globe and they like to direct you the their authorized repair people. I still use a fellow in Texas who is really good, but it seems he is no longer on the Globe 'A'-list.
The Audio Aero Prima has been discontinued. I would try Globe Audio or the best local tech you can find.
I have the same problem. any more help, including recommendation for a tech in the northeast would be great. FYI, I have not heard back on an email inquiry to Audio Aero made about a month ago.
Correction, actually no display at all and no response to front panel or remote, although the mini tubes inside do light up.
Call Globe rather than emailing.

Then, call again.

And again.
Just remeber that many companies were off to the CES in Vegas as early as Tuesday of last week. Many are just getting home now. That could account for the lack of replies to email and phone calls.
Jody @ Globe Audio has always been very helpful and responsive for me. I agree with Golden ears that he may be out of the office returning from a show, etcetera....
spoke with Greg today (thursday)
ship to him - if the transport/laser is bad could be $800 ouch
if the transport/laser is bad could be $800 ouch
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That's ridiculous.

I recently had the laser assembly replaced in my Denon 3910. The part cost $150. Figure an hour of labor.

If your Prima uses the Philips CDM12 transport, they are being sold new-in-the-box on Ebay for $39.

If your Prima uses the Sony transport, it shouldn't cost any more than the $150 laser assembly installed in my Denon.

$800 seems out of line for this repair.
If it ended up costing $800, I'd dump this POS in the river, out of principle...See, this player itself-when used-is worth around $1K, or so
this player itself-when used-is worth around $1K, or so
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Before making an anchor out of the unit you might want to blow a little compressed air into the open draw, laser might just be dirty..
The older Prima's used the Philips Short Loader mechanism.
Due to a lot of issues, Philips promptly discontinued this drive and left a number of manufacturers out in the cold.
It is possible to get laser replacements, but the problem is typically in the servo board mounted under the drive.
I have 2 prima's and a Synthesis player that are scrap due to not being able to get servo boards.
Contact Globe Audio for the latest updates as to repairing these units.
If it ended up costing $800, I'd dump this POS in the river, out of principle...

Actually, I would take it to the local shooting range and put some holes in it and then mail it back to to Audio Aero. $800 for that repair is absurd.
that $800 was a comment from Greg at GLobe without seeing the unit or knowing which model it is
its a MkII serial o4.09 594 so probably made in 04
just looked in the owner's manual Phillips VAM120(also listed in specs as Phillips CDM12)

I bought it in 2006 on audiogon and was fully functioning and sounding great till a month ago when it gave me 4 dashes on loading up a disc

yes, I'm well aware they can be bought for $800-1100 on audiogon

when I turn the unit on now I get six flashing dashes
it won't even open up to inspect (air dust) or load a disc

my analog rig is galibier gavia/zyx universe/triplanar
so I haven't made a larger plunge in the digital end

I have one pm for a guy in texas who may be able to do this much cheaper
is it worth putting another phillips drive in?

dts has 2 dead primas ouch

perhaps it's time for another player
any suggestions for $1000-$1500 cd player
Richard Gray - my local tech said stay away from used a-gon players as most are having first issues with the transports
update - response from Greg at Globe
$800 for a full replacement drive
01-19-09: Audiotomb
update - response from Greg at Globe
$800 for a full replacement drive.

If it was my player, and as much as it would hurt, I would not proceed with the repair.

I'd buy a different player. Or, I'd look for a newer Prima with a Sony transport.
TVAD - another poster here graciously mentioned a tech to call who may be more reasonable - haven't been able to make contact with him yet

as I'm mostly vinyl, have a Cal Icon backup to fall back on
I'm weighing my options

shame as it was a great player when working
Hopefully the other tech will have a more reasonable repair estimate.
haven't gotten ahold of him yet
just had to retip my ZYX Universe
so a new cartridge will keep me from wanting to play cds for a while

have a cal audio icon for backup - it behaves!!!

anyone want to take target practice on this Prima, ugh