Audio Aero Prima MkII vs. MkIII newest styling?

I was curious if anyone has compared the Audio Aero Prima MkII to the newest version of this CDP?

I understand that they moved from a Philips to a Sony transport and a few other modifications have been done as well. I am curious to know if it would be wiser to purchase a new one for about $800-1000 more than a used mkII on here? Are the sonic improvements worth the added investment?

Any thoughts/comments on the differences between the two players would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I thought I would try to revive this question because I have a mk2 and would love to know of someone who had one and upgraded to the current mk3. Anyone? Thanks

I had the MK II . I had to keep sending it in for new transports ! That got old for both AA and myself .
They finally sent me a new one with the Sony transport , under warranty . A very good company along with their North American distributor , Globe .
I never even listened to it and moved on to a much better CDP for about the same cost as the new Prima's .
The member that bought the brand new Prima did not keep it either .
You are lucky if you have not had any transport problems !
Nope, never had any issues whatsoever. What new and "better" CD player did you get?

I was at an Audio Aero dealer yesterday and they had a Prima mk3 with Sony transport. They did not have a mk2 on hand but the dealer said that the mk3 is smoother and doesn't have the slight edge the mk2 had. Well if that is the case, I am happy to keep my mk2. In my system and with my tastes, I would not want it to be any smoother than it already is. Then he said there is really no need to upgrade to the mk3. I thought some of you would like to know what a dealer's opinion was on the topic.

So, the outcome is that I will be keeping my mk2. It really sounds great and with each component change I make (and I make many), I am always impressed with all the new-found detail, air, resolution and rhythm that can come out of my Prima. Very impressive.