Audio Aero Prima DAC


Did anyone already heard this AA Prima DAC MKII ? I want to combine with Metronome T20 drive, B&W 805 Signature and Classic amps.


It's about the least expensive way to get what you get from the Capitole MK II. And that's one amazing cdp!! With the Metronome T20: that'll be one killer front end in your system. NEXT? I'm going to resist...peace, warren
I'm in the same situation like you.
I want to update also but again ,what to do.

I will admit I am leaning towards a Capitole.You have a all-in-one proven unit with analogue inputs so you don't have to worry about whether you have "synergy" with your transport,cables and the DAC.
However this option does appeal to many people.
I know I will be sitting there ,listening,and wondering if just one more tweak/change would improve the sound.

I will be watching this thread very closely.
Well i'm using the Audio Aero Prima Dac with a Proced CDD transport and all I can say is that it is *exactly* like the capitol player.

Go for it, you wont regret it.

I'll have my Prima DAC MKII within two weeks. It is the new silver version with two analog inputs, so I think I will use it as a preamp. I already have the Metronome T20 transport, for the time being in combination with Tubalog from Music. Fidel. and this sounds very nice ! But I'm looking forward to the Prima ofcourse !! I'll get back to you guys whitin a few weeks.

Either the Prima or the Capitole with analog inputs is total Nirvana.

If you do a search hereabouts on Audio Aero you will not fine another CD player that gets such unqualified praise.

I own the Capitole and I am listening to it now with a toslink connection to my Satellite receiver.
Unclejeff, do you recommend a certain type of power cord?
uncle Jeff, what happened to that Prima mod info you were going to get me? What's up with that? peace, warren
Mattheus,I have used many cords on my Cap MkI,hear are a few.
Golden Ref.;lacked resolution,
TG SLVR.;sweet and delicate used it for 8 months,couldn't handle productions that were not good to excellent.
PS Audio,not worth mentioning
Blue Circle BC62,ditto.
okay enough.
Now using three Virtual Dynamics in my system,and the 'Nite'
is one very nice cord in the Capitole,The best I have used so far,wished I had it for the Prima cd player and maybe I wouldn't have needed the Capitole .
If you can't find one used, then you may wish to check out the audiomeca enkianthus X dac. It uses the same anagram chipset, and it is very, very nice. Just something to consider, as the prima dacs used are very scarce.
I'm planning to use the Xindak FP-Gold as power cord for the AA Prima DAC. If I have them both , I'll do a new post with my experiences.

Hi guys,

I have the Prima for about four weeks. It gives a lot of detail and a big soundstage. But I'm having a problem: although the sound isn't bright or harsh, I get a pain in my ears rather quickly. This is very embarassing, since I tried different cables but this didn't help... Any idea how I could manage this?


Can you be more specific about what this "pain" thing is? I cannot believe, for an instant, that the Prima is the problem.
I know it sounds unbelievable, but before I had the Prima, I used a Musical Fidelity Tubalog combined with the T20 and there was no 'pain'. It's difficult to explain in English but there is a kind of pressure on my ears which comes very quickly. Besides, I'm not the only one experiencing this 'thing'. I hope things will get better when burning in has completed...

This is more to your question on pain. I too recently started to experience pain or pressure in the ear when listening to movies/music. I figured it out to be misalinged/miscalibrated speakers and sub. By proper calibrating my speakers and changing the crossover freq for my sub all is well.

Good luck

In the interests of helping you with your headache....

1) Are you using the DAC as your preamp, or are you running it through another preamp?

2)Are you using filtered power or is it just plugged into the wall?

3)Also, how many hours were on the DAC before you started having the hearing problem? (Is the DAC broken-in?)
Hi Golden Ears,

1. DAC is connected directly in to the power amp;
2. No power filtering is used (yet), I use Siltech's Octopus;
3. DAC is now playing about one month continiously.

Renaat (is my prename, Mattheus my name BTW) :)
I had an interesting sensation in my ears/head whenever I first got my Audiomeca Enkianthus XD dac (uses the same chipset as the AA Prima Dac) especially whenever I had it out of phase. The sensation only occurred at the start of a listening session and quit after a couple of days to a week. I am almost certain the sensation came from my ears "getting used to" the MASSIVE soundstage that the Audiomeca throws.

Think of watching a TV show in 3D. At first, you may be slightly disorriented by adjusting to the 3d, just as a few people may have a similar sensation when getting a new, very high performance piece of audio equipment.

I don't know if this is what you have experienced, but I know the sensation went away after a couple of days. My audiomeca Enkianthus X Dac was the second best audio purchase I have EVER made.


Okay, it sounds like your unit should be finished breaking-in, and since you're not running through a preamp, there's no mis-match or overload going on.

Power filtering is always a good idea. There is a lot of radio frequency interference and noise on your power lines, and its being injected into your system. That can cause a headache. Some equipment is more susceptible to it or more revealing of it, or both. When you try a filter that hissing HF noise will be gone, and you'll wonder why you ever listened witout filtering!
Having said all that, (and contrary to what you said in your last post) the Siltech website says that the Octopus 8-Way Mains Distributor does have filtering capabilities.

However, that doesn't stop RF from getting into your system through poorly shielded interconnect cables and speaker cables, which usually aren't shielded very well or at all. The longer your speaker cables are, the worse it can be. Make sure power cords aren't running next to your speaker cables.
Many silver cables are just plain harsh-sounding, lots of detail, but awful high frequency ringing, sort-of like metal tweeters. (You don't happen to have anything like those do you....? :-) Your new DAC may be more revealing of inadequacies downstream.

Jason made a good point - make sure you're speakers are hooked-up in phase. It may sound silly and very obvious, but I've walked in to many stores and CES exhibit rooms and found "professionals" with systems hooked-up out of phase! Dead giveaway: no centre image, particularly noticeable with a single vocalist at centre stage.

It's hard to diagnose over the Internet, but those are afew things to consider.
Hi Guys,

You know what? I think I don't sleep enough and my ears are suffering from fatigue... I get +/- the same 'pain' when I listen to other equipment at friends.

I'm looking now for another power amp. I'll get the Plinius 8200P on a trial basis, if this amp will please me I'll buy the new Plinius P8. I'll also taste the Perreaux E160.

What do you think of these amps, in combi with the AA Prima? BTW I use B&W 805 signature.

get your tympanics in order before you do jack shit. Also, your Prima is without a doubt the best thing in your system. That is one killer source you have there. I'd go with a matching transport and take it from there. Your Prima derserves better than Perreaux and Plinus. seek and thee shall hear...peace, warren
hi Mattheus,

I have heard a Perreaux dont remember the model thou and it sounded rather bright but the bass was one of the best I have heard, the plinus might be a better option you can always try it to see if u enjoy it.


Don't understand the shit.

What's better than Perreaux and Plinius? An American amp??? Whats' better than Metronome?

Please help me my dear brother...

didn't read your post carefully. Metronome is great. So is Classe. I love YBA. That's French. How's that for ya? I'm, just not a Plinus or Perreaux man. I think you can do better. warren
What aren't you getting from your Classe amps? Better yet, what is missing from your system that is leading you on this system overhaul. Been there done that. With this source upgrade, of yours, we could be talking about the beginning of the end of your system as you know it. It's the nature of the beast. Hope you have a pair of ICs that can deliver the message.
I don't have Classé amp, but a Classic : this is a Chinese amp. My system doesn't sound 'bad' at all, but I'm missing a bit of warmth. And yes indeed, I'm on the beginning of the end of my system-upgrade-disease.

My IC's are from the German brand 'Heavens Gate': these are NBS-based cables built by the former importer of NBS in Germany. They sound great and better than my NBS Omega 2. Speakercables are from the same brand.

Warren, what do you dislike about Plinius or Perreaux?

It's not that I dislike them. I like, for my ears, the Passion Integre and the JRDG Cocentra II best. I didn't, to be fair, give the Perreaux or the Plinus long listens, but they didn't excite me (could be, of course, the associated equipment) as much as the Passion. The Passion is a pretty toasty 100 SS watts. Hey, it don't matter what I like. Your ears are the deal. There may be some (though, I find that hard to believe) who found/find the Passion lacking in something here or there. Go figure. happy listening...

I got a question...Have you heard the Perreaux Radiance R200i, or the Reference 200iP integrated amps??

I have, as I have owned both(still own the R200i), also heard the YBA Passion, and I don't know where you get this "your prima deserves better" thing. They are different, but I do not think the YBA is better than either Perreaux.

By the way, the 200iP is a little warm sounding, with some body to it. The R200i is quiter, more neutral, with a little more detail.
I got the Plinius 8200P on a trial basis and compared it to Perreaux E160. Perreaux is too smooth for me, Plinius gives lots of detail but with enough 'body'. Think I'll stick with Plinius, but it will be the new P8 or SA 201.

When I said "deserve" better, perhaps those were the wrong words. Like you said, it's not better, just different. It's a huge difference to me. I'm a Yba fan, from way back. I haven't listened to the units you're talking about. I'm sure they are wonderful. Nobody takes one audiophool seriously. peace, warren

Plinius is also very good. I have a friend back in Puerto Rico that owns Plinius amp and preamp, from their newer line, and he wouldn't change a thing on his system.

As for Perreaux, I had the E160i for a little while (on trial basis), before buying the 200iP. The one thing that stood out as soon as I had the 200iP was how much effortless the 200iP was. The 200iP had better detail too(not a huge difference though). But again, the thing that stood out was how much more effortless and dynamic the 200iP was. I don't know if you're a bass kind of guy, but all I got to say about the Perreaux's bass is WOW. I thought the 200iP's bass was much better than that of the Krell integrated amp(I think it was the KAV300i) when I had them side to side for comparison. Actually I thought the 200iP was just hands down all around better than the Krell, for my tastes.

When I moved to the R200i (their top of the line integrated) I had an even further gain in detail, and most of all, the R200i is really quiet. Its funny cause I never fully understood what reviewers meant when they were talking about "quietness" until I brought the R200i home. Its a real difficult thing to explain, to me at least. The R200i is also a little more neutral, or maybe a better word is more accurate.

Anyway I hope you enjoy whatever gear you decide to buy a whole lot.

today I heard the Krell KAV 2250 power amp directly connected to my Prima DAC. Compared to the Plinius the sound was (much) more open and layered (three dimensionality). There was more detail without being harsh. Plinius is a bit smoother though. The Krell pleases me more... But I'm still not decided yet... Jeezes what a man can suffer...
Matt, you got quite a high class problem, there...others should be so lucky....
This is turning into an interesting thread. By the way Mattheus, great to hear you're having so much fun auditioning gear.

You know?? For whatever reason Krell hasn't been my cup of tea, but I can't deny their attributes. Maybe is because every time I've heard Krell amps they were hooked up to Martin Logan Odyssey speakers, and it was probably just too much. You know? You get an amplifier that for my taste is a little up front, paired up with some of the most revealing speakers...

As I said, I think is mostly a matter of taste, as I can't deny Krell's attributes and craftmanship. Again, good to hear you're enjoying this, hopefully you'll find what you're looking for pretty soon.
I think ruthlessly revealing, is the expression I was looking for when describing the Krell - Martin Logan combo...
Hi guys, here is the rest of my story. I have the Krell KAV 2250 here at my place and guess what? I've decided to buy a Plinius. The Krell is crisper and more detailed indeed, but the Plinius sounds more musical to me. Altough the Krell isn't harsh, voices seem to be more synthetic. Plinius in my system gives a quiter and smoother image without loosing (too much) detail. So that is why I'll probably get a P8 or SA 201 Plinius power amp. The combination of Plinius, Audio Aero and B&W Nautilus is a very good one: it combines detail with 'warmth' and that's what I want...
Latest news: I ordered the Metronome T1A Signature to replace the T 20 signature... The Prima is doing very well as dac and as preamp !

I bought the Plnius SA201 which is a 'gentle giant'.


I just ordered a Prima MK II SE DAC. Looking forward to it.
I will sell my Prima to get a Metronome C1A dac...