audio aero prima cdp... burn in.

Hello, I`m considering buying this unit new and am wondering how long it takes to burn one of these in. Any input from someone with this experience with this player would be appreciated.
Ours seemed to take around 100-200 hours for the sound to open up, and the bass to fully form.
Thanks Boa. As far as burn in, will unplugging the ic`s and just letting the cdp run 24/7 on repeat do the trick or does it need to pass a signal to be truly effective?
Others can probably answer that question better than I, Capt369. If I had to guess, I would say it doesn't matter, but you can always turn down the volume as the player and IC's get to know one another.
Mine was burnt out when I bought it! Its transport, the one you can't get anymore, died after about 8 months. I got it from one the Agon family members - shame shame shame.
Mechans, I`m sorry to hear that. It`s a crap-shoot when buying used gear. That`s a chance that we take. If a seller knowingly sells a faulty item, without listing the problems, there should be strong reprisals. I would expect though that in some cases it would be difficult to prove. At the very least, we can hang a negative feed-back on them.

I`m interested in the new prima with the sony transport. Before I commit tho, I`m going to do a little more investigation. ie...future transport availability if this one fails. Your post prompted me to do that. Thanks.