Audio Aero Prima CD player vs.Modwright Sony 999es

Has anyone heard both of these two cd players? I am trying to decide on a CD player and both of these have caught my interest. The Modwright would be slightly more expensive but not much. The rest of my system includes Alon Lotus Elite speakers and a Conrad Johnson MV60SE amp. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx
I have owned an Audio Aero Prima mkII DAC and a Modwright 999ES at the same time. I still own the Modwright. The Modwright was soncially comparable, if not better than the much more expensive AA. With the added benefits of SACD and video, it became a no-brainer for me to keep it.

The AA DAC is definately a step up from the Prima CD player you mention; it is the same DAC used in the latest Captole player.

The power supply umbilical cord in the Modwright makes a big difference in sound. A couple of friends and I prefer the cryo'ed 18ga. braided copper umbilical to the cryo'ed silver one.

You will be happy with either player, but for me the Modwright 999ES fits my system wonderfully.
I own the Sony Modwright 999ES and have been extremely
pleased with it. I purchased my Modwright from Frank
Stuppel at FS Audio. He also happens to sell the
Audio Aero line as well. According to Frank the Modwright
is easily comparable to the Prima. I never got to listen
to the Prima as he had just sold his last one. Keep in
mind that Dan is now offering a clock upgrade for the
999ES. This is supposed to be a signifigant upgrade for
the unit. You also get SACD which is a nice option
to have.

Good luck
1markr, thanks for the response. Which level of Modwright did you have? The full modified version costs close to 2600 dollars with the upgraded clock and umbilical. I have seen used AA Prima's on here for 1500 or so, so the Audio Aero would most likely be cheaper for me.
Me thinks, according to my ears, that the ModWright 999es (I have one) is slightly better than the AA Captole player on Redbook. So logic would support that it should pretty much spank the Prima model.
Having the SACD option additionally, sorta makes it a no-brainer.
Good luck!
Bcos, I have the Platinum Signature Truth Mods, which included the premium cryo'ed silver umbilical. I did not have the option of a new clock at the time of my order, though I would be interested in anyones opinion of the differences, pre-clock and post-clock upgrade. I would consider it if the sonics improved further.

Get yourself a used 999ES and send it to Dan. You should be able to find one for $500+.
He actually has a special going on right now where he is bulk ordering the sony 999's. As a result of cheaper stock players his prices during this special go from 1600 with the abso truth mods to 2100 with the new clock and the silver cryo'd umbilical. Basically he is charging close to used prices for brand new A stock units.
Bcos, where did you hear of the special? It's not mentioned on their website. That doesn't sound like a bad offer.

Just to clarify, Frank at FS audio is not an authorized dealer for Audio Aero and does not carry the line. He advertises a zillion lines he does not carry.
I realize I'm stepping into it big time, but that is the truth.
If he is not an Audio Aero dealer, how then did I (and others I know) purchase brand new Audio Aero components from Frank? And also have them warrantied through Frank? As far as I understood, Audio Aero does not sell product through unauthorized dealers. Is this not true?
I would like to clarify the statement regarding FS Audio not being an Audio Aero dealer at the time of his post. When I became an Audio Aero dealer, about 10 months ago, I was told by Audio Aero that I and Sonic Culture where the only two dealers in our area. As I've now been informed by Audio Aero it turns out there never was a formal parting of the ways between FS Audio and Audio Aero. So, I apologize; to the best of Frank of FS Audio's knowledge, he was a dealer, albeit not active. (I was told by Audio Aero that FS Audio hasn't ordered any products in something like a year and half, so where the one Boa2 bought came from I have no idea.)

The current situation is that for the San Diego area Sonic Culture and Audio Revelation are the authorized dealers.
I'm still not sure why this was inserted into this thread, but you might want to inform Frank of this situation. Because as of this week, Frank insists that he is still an Audio Aero dealer.
Guys, I ended up going for the Modwright. It is an amazing player. Never heard sound like this before. Thanks for the help.
Did you get the newest modded version? I am curious how you think it does on redbook & on sacd? Is there a big difference in performance between them? Thanks