Audio Aero Prima CD Player owners: Which DAC?

I have the Audio Aero Prima CDP (second version, not the latest version) and I think for the money it is the best player I have heard. Detailed but not bright, warm but not colored. Very neutral. I really like it. However, my *cheapo DAC that I thought was good is not good anymore after plugging the Prima back in the system. It is not even comparable. I do want a DAC that plays like the Prima. I want to keep using the Prima but the convenience of wireless DAC system is to hard to pass. Anybody gave up their Prima for a DAC that plays like it or even better?

*I bought it from this French guy on Ebay who knows what he is doing and it is only $75. It sounds really nice for the money. Trust me. Pretty good. Dead quiet. Actually, more quiet than the Prima. So, I am not bashing the DAC.