audio aero prima 24/192 vs. consonance 2.2

these two cdp's along with the audio note cd3 are high on my audition list but i have yet to hear them. any opinions about how they compare to each other? my preferences are good spatial retreval over dynamics. i generally like cdp's with a softer top end.
Prima= sweet, airy top end. for sure. thanks to a couple of little tubes. My Prima is going on 2 years old. flawless. love it. peace, warren
I've heard a lot of CD players, and to meet your listening preferences I think you would have to jump up considerably to better the Prima. Sorry, I have not heard the Consonance. And while I can really appreciate the exactitude of an Audio Note, they don't suit my preferences. They convey the music perfectly, but IMO they lose the studio, the air, and collapse the space between the musicians in the process.
The Prima will also benefit greatly from an upgraded power cord.
All the best,
i've never met a cdp, that didn't benefit from an "upgraded" cord. The Prima!!